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So, this is a pretty good meme.

I don’t really understand the main character. Perhaps the gentleman seen above is judging? He seems to be a judgey person. With his tiny little cup of espresso I think. Or perhaps it’s tea. Because maybe he has the tea. Perhaps he is the living embodiment of tea.

So what do we see here really? We see a man. And his tiny cup of tea, judging someone else perhaps on their circus attendance. And now why would someone judge someone else based on their circus attendance? …

How do you know when you have a real friend?

Aristotle famously trying to help us said, “A friend to all is a friend to none.”

After delving into some intensely self-reflective, critical friend analysis, partaking in what I call the mass unfollowing on social media, probably losing a best friend due to a breakup, and going through the alienation of quarantine, I have arrived at a much different place with friends.

Real friends are people who are connected to you.

They’re not tools for your benefit.

They’re not people who mirror you closest.

And they’re not people constantly worrying…

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Screenshot from Politico

In Ben Shapiro’s article yesterday on Politico Playbook (I have no idea what that is) he says, “Republicans may divide over impeachment — there are good prudential arguments against, and good principled arguments in favor. But one thing is certain: If anyone expects Americans to come together once the Trump era is over, that’s a pipe dream.”

I would like to highlight the end part which isn’t true.

“If anyone expects Americans to come together once the Trump era is over, that’s a pipe dream.”

2 questions:

  1. Why would Ben Shapiro say that?
  2. Why would people listen to him?



So I’m going to read Emperor Andrew Cuomo’s book. Being a real New Yorker now (I’ve lived here since August 2016 so I must be close), and having lived here throughout quarantine, and through it currently, I find myself in a very qualified position to be judging Mr. Cuomo’s book. I have been hearing a lot of things about it. I have been hearing from people on the right, I have been hearing from people on the left, I’ve been hearing from friends and co-workers, however, I’m confused about how I actually feel about it.

So I bought the book…

I’m probably a Republican. If I took a test or something I’d be very close to center, probably right leaning.

I just wanted to start with that for every whiny, sheep-like person who would try to put this article in a box and who would try to put a lid on free thinking.

I actually used to like him. I still do like him I think. I definitely don’t hate him, however, you can’t/shouldn’t listen to Matt Walsh from The Daily Wire and here’s why.

On January 4th, 2021, his first podcast of the new year, he said, at 18…

Ok. So. I got pooped on last night.

Let me explain. I got pooped on. By a bird, while I was walking back home from the Bronx.

I was first told by the Walgreens uptown that their printing machine was down, so I had to try another store.

About an hour later after some rain walking and puddle stepping and podcast listening, I arrived at the second Walgreens. …

This is a script for a movie. Or a tv show or something. The episode number is made up. Like these 2 animals — Lizard and Frog. The set is in a pond somewhere outside of the city. It has a magical bright, yet futuristic dark type feel, with what seems to be an endless pond on one side, and on the other, a wall, tall hill, ledge sort of thing.

Frog: Hey dude, how are you?

Lizard: Good man, how about yourself.

Frog: Not too bad. Normal frog things. Ate some insects. Hopped some pads. Ribbeted a time or…

Once upon a time there was a lion. And there was a forest fairy. They were very different. But they lived in the same forest. Everyday the lion would see the fairy and think, “Wow, she’s absolutely beautiful… A specimen like no other… She is magnificent. If only I was a fairy. And not a lion.”

And everyday the fairy would see the lion and think, “Oh, there’s a lion.”

So the lion knew that he didn’t belong with the fairy. He was after all a lion. Lions should be with lions. Or tigers maybe. But not fairies. …

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Image — Screenshot of trailer from Netflix

From an acting stand point, Hillbilly Elegy is disconnected, disengaged, and disingenuous. Trying to get through the movie, I couldn’t always tell where the source of the dismal acting came from. If it was the stale writing, the lazy editing, the confused direction, or really just the acting at large.

(I’m trying very hard to not be condescending because I’m not Glenn Close or Amy Adams, and I think they’re both amazing actors. And I’m also intensely new in my career, so I tread lightly).

However. In school, I finished my MFA from Columbia in May 2019 (I realize this…

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screenshot from: Choose One of Five | Andrew Scott | Figures of Speech

I have very few goals.

I’d like to not be a detriment to society. And not be a waste of space.

Perhaps it makes me privileged, and a true millennial to say that I don’t know what I want to do next. My parents and their parents knew that they had to work. And save money. And then, they started a family.

That’s probably what I should be doing next, is attempting to start a family, buy a house, get a dog, and buy a scooter because scoot scoot.

However, am I addicted to always wanting something?

Does it make…

Anthony Jadus

“A thing is a thing, not what is said of that thing.”

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